Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Pics

These pics don't need much introduction:

Jellybean after a bath and a massage

Jellybean's face while he's working on a ..... you know

Jellybean was not completely satisfied with his baby lotion massage

Jellybean's little fist

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jellybean Update!

Jellybean was born on Wednesday night at 10:39 p.m. after about 6 hours of labor (more details later, not for the faint at heart). He weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and his length was 19 and a half inches. He is a very healthy little guy. Right now, he sleeps most of the time, mixed with some nursing, pooping, and a small amount of crying. I thought he would be fussier, but I'll cross my fingers that he stays this easy-going. Only time will tell. Not sure when I'll have another update - I'm pretty much concerning myself with our little guy and enjoying time with him. Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm ready, but Jellybean is apparently not

Okay, I'm ready to have this baby. I'm officially 39 weeks and I'm frickin' huge. I don't sleep because of BH contractions that are supposed to be painless - mine aren't, especially when paired with back and lower abdominal cramps. I've had them regularly (sometimes not so regularly) for the past two weeks and it's getting old. I'm running out of things that I can either disinfect or put in our washing machine, unless I want to start washing things a second time. On the plus side, I've had time to thoroughly clean my house, get my hair cut, and buy a couple of pairs of stretchy cozy pants which I intend to live in for the next month or so. Also, I'm glad that it looks like my mom will be able to be here for the birth, which we both really wanted. At least this is not like when I was pregnant with K and stuck inside the house for the last month or so because of the worst snowstorm in Spokane since the 1960's - I can still get out of the house.

Tomorrow, I will go to (hopefully) my last doctor appointment and see if all these contractions have done any good. It's nice to know that I have an endpoint - the doc will induce if Jellybean doesn't appear by the 20th of this month. In the meantime, I'm inventing things now that need to be done around our house, and will be soon making up my own recipes to freeze. Heaven help us all!

** Update: I went to the doc today and my blood pressure is high (it's been up and down the last few weeks). Looks like I'll be induced tomorrow.